About Us

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Lebanon has long been called the“Switzerland of the East”. With its moderate Mediterranean climate, its hospitable people and its wonderful scenery, it has been a regional centre for business, culture, health services, entertainment and education. Among the lodging places offering accommodation services to the increasing number of students seeking studies in Lebanon, Koura Residence is the ideal place that perfectly meets the needs of both students and parents.

The stunning ambience and the breathtaking scenery offered by the mountains of Koura in North Lebanon provide an ideal location for Koura Residence. A few miles north of Beirut, where Mount Lebanon touches the sea, and in the middle of the beautiful region of Koura, the residence extends over an area of 7,680 square meters, welcoming students from Lebanon and overseas, who are undertaking studies in universities and colleges in Lebanon, in particular North Lebanon.

Only 45 minutes drive from Beirut, 10 minutes drive from the seashore, and 40 minutes away from the ski resorts, Koura Residence combines the privilege of seclusion with the convenience of proximity to the Lebanese capital as well as to leisure destinations. Throughout the year, the area unveils its magnificent splendour. Around the residence, nature exposes a precious treasure of idyllic beauty, with olive trees, green mountains embracing the sky, and deep valleys. Subtle colours and fascinating panorama are emphasised by the sweet smelling fragrance of hundreds of species of seasonal wild flowers and majestic trees. In winter, the picture-perfect snow-capped mountains are unrivalled. Away from all sources of pollution, the guests of Koura Residence enjoy fresh air and picturesque landscape in a relaxed and healthy atmosphere invigorating both the body and the spirit.